British Columbia Circle Tours

Sunshine Coast
The Islands
North Vancouver Island
Discovery Coast
North West Circle
The Lakes District
Glaciers & Wine
Thompson Nicola
Mountains & Vineyards
Slocan Heritage
Waterfalls & Fishing
Dinosaurs & Dams
Peace Liard
BC Yukon

British Columbia Circle Tours & Driving Tours

1) Fraser Valley, 2 - 3 days
2) Sunshine Coast, 3 - 6 days
3) The Islands, 4 - 8 days
4) North Vancouver Island, 4 - 6 days
5) Discovery Coast, 7 - 9 days
6) North West Circle, 8 - 9 days
7) The Lakes District, 2+ days
8) Glaciers & Wine, 6 - 8 days
9) Thompson Nicola, 2 - 3 days
10) Mountains & Vineyards, 5 - 9 days
11) Slocan Heritage, 3 - 5 days
12) Waterfalls & Fishing, 3 - 4 days
13) Dinosaurs & Dams, 1 day
14) Peace Liard, 6 - 9 days
15) BC Yukon, 8 - 9 days

British Columbia was made for driving tours!

With more than 41,600 kms (26,000 miles) of highways, BC is an RVer's paradise.

If your BC destination includes any of the extreme northern or eastern routes, remember you may be travelling through remote areas. Come equipped with plenty of gas, and plan ahead. Remember that weather conditions can change precipitously.

We've included a wide range of BC tours here for your enjoyment. The travel time is only an approximation and can be extended or shortened to accommodate your schedule.

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British Columbia Circle Tours